If your project requires a certain precast concrete vault or any other precast concrete item that is specific to the project. We will do our best to accommodate for it.

Our lift stations range from a 4 foot square, for those small commercial projects. Up to 11 foot diameter for larger commercial or municipal projects. We offer complete packages with wet wells, pumps, guide rails, control panels and any other accessories you may require for any project.

Effluent sewers are gaining popularity among developers and engineers when it comes to deciding on a sewage collection system for subdivisions, municipalities and communities.

Commercial stormwater retention tank configurations from 5000 imperial gallons and up into the 10’s of thousands of imperial gallons. We’ll be sure to have a tank configuration for your project.

For your next camp, lodge, subdivision or commercial project turn to us for the answers on treating wastewater. Orenco’s Advantex treatment plant has the capability to provide reduced BODs, TSS, nitrogen and UV disinfection to the highest standards.

Leading the industry with quality precast septic tanks. Tanks ranging from 700 imperial gallons for those small commercial projects to septic tanks up to 5600 gallons or larger for bigger industrial plants and communal collection systems.

Catering Alberta with precast bollards, full and half lego blocks, parking curbs, and concrete barriers.

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