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For over forty years, Alberta Wilbert Sales has produced outstanding residential and commercial tanks, backed by a 20 year warranty, a leader in the industry.

We definitely do not stop there:  Our service is second to none and we’re constantly innovating new products.

If you are looking for advanced wastewater systems, septic tanks, concrete holding tanks, lift stations, vaults, cement curbs or custom concrete orders, we have locations in Edmonton, Red Deer, Calgary and Winnipeg.





Whats New

Introducing Our New AWSum Program

The AWSum Program is a program that may be used to facilitate a Wastewater System Design.  By inputting the correct data this design aid program performs the calculations required by the current Alberta Private Sewage Disposal System (PSDS) regulations.  The AWSum Program is FREE TO OUR CONTRACTORS.  Click here to sign up to download the program.



Orenco Effluent sewers serve Canadian communities - CLICK HERE for more on Orenco Effluence sewers and Communities

2000 gallon rinktop septic tank

3600 gallon septic tank

5600 gallon septic tank

The 1200, 1500, and 2000 gallon rinktop septic tanks are CSA approved for (4m) 13 ft. of burial cover

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R8 Insulation Plugs

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